Jun 11, 2012

Monday - Happy Gif Day!!!

So I know that I didn't get to post AT ALL this past weekend. But FEAR NOT. I will bombard your internet bandwidth with awesome gifs that will take forever and ever to load. But you shall be patient! Do you know why??!?! Because these gifs are incredibly epic. My Personal faves are the lions and the lady on the swing. How about you? 

And of course, I have to invade this post with some self portraits of me me me. But not just me today...Sparky too. Because she likes to camwhore herself every once in a while. 

Last but not least. Everyone and their mother knows my latest obsession with Pandas. They're just so kawaii. ^^ I love this step by step process so much! Gonna try it myself...by slipping on my onesie. <3 

Happy Monday~! 

I love your faices. 


***Sometimes my posts contain less words and more pictures. I do this for your pleasure. Who wants to read my thoughts errday?? Not this person.***

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